Small businesses rely on local trade, advertisement and word of mouth. They rely on the time old strategy that if they give a quality product or service, people will tell others, and that will generate new business leads.

I’m here to tell you that this approach misses some fundamentals of business strategy.

Here’s why:


1. Your brand can’t be interpreted and described 100% by others.

If you rely on others to transmit the message of your brand, they will interpret you and what you stand for in their own unique way. Sometimes this might be beneficial, for instance if someone sees something in you that you didn’t yourself.

Mostly this won’t be the case. People will inevitably reduce their interpretation of you via cost and time. They did good work and it was a reasonable price.

Do you want this to represent you and your unique business?

I didn’t think so.

Your clients will miss some key aspects of who you are and what your business represents. Ultimately you should decide who you are marketing to, and generate the right type of clients for your business.

Of course word of mouth will generate new business, but an online presence will present the image you choose for yourself and your business and put you in control of what clients you get.


2. Relying on word of mouth reduces the spread of your business, both in distance and time.

If you have one client, who refers you to five people, great! These five come to you, then refer five others, you then have twenty six clients right?

It doesn’t work that way. People struggle to explain your business and might not have your contact details to hand when this referral takes place.

This will limit your business to the local area, but why settle for that? If your business is location dependent, then you will have to consider travel, but so many are not.

What if you had a constant referral online that people could log on to. Your referrer then just quotes your business name for people to Google. Clients can find you all over the country, continent, or planet and hire you for your services. Simple.

Of course you will need someone who knows about Search Engine Optimisation and getting your site noticed on the first page of Google. Why not contact me for more information?


3. Traditional print media advertising costs more and has barriers to production.

If you are still relying on local print media, think of the cost and effort that goes into it. Also think of the reduced client base you have as more people move their reading to online materials.

You can write your own media online. For free! I founded Peak Studios to specialise in helping you to create your own online content for your business that people can tap into, with modern social media channelling to get clients to see you and your unique brand. I can help you target the clients you want, and generate new business with your own personal content. The best part is, when you have your website set up, you can do all this for yourself for free! Have a look at our starter packages here for more information.


4. Your physical social network can’t grow like an online network can.

Every time a client refers you, they reach one person. How likely are they to reach more than one person at a time? If that person speaks at events, or writes an article for you, then great, but most of your clients are pressed for time just as much as you are.

What if someone with a click of a button can share your website with hundreds of people? I can make that easier for you, one click sharing of your website on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as social sharing of any content you write yourself. If each share reaches four hundred people, and then just 5% of these people share your content, you have reached 420 people. With just one click of a button!


5. You reduce the ability of people to find your business and learn about your work.

If a potential client is thinking about the service you provide, they will instantly Google the service and their location to see what is available. You’re missing out on this key part.

99% of people will click on the first result on Google that they find, and most will continue to purchase the services from this provider. Remember, people no longer have the time to shop around, they want to find someone quickly.

Do you want to be the first on Google? Do you want to get those 99% of potential clients looking for your service right now?

Of course you do. I want to help you achieve this.

I founded Peak Studios to take the difficulties out of starting your own website. I make it for you, with your designs and specifications, and provide training on how to add content yourself. I can help you create social media channels that market themselves and develop advertising strategies with Facebook and Google to spread the word.
Your business needs to be online to compete with others out there. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it doesn’t need you to learn anything to do with the internet. I take that out of your hands and give you back a responsive elegant web presence that truly markets your skills.